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4 x 4 wire piping ham stove
4 x 4 wire piping ham stove

Patent no.:ZL  2015  2  0233262.2

规格技术参数 Specifications:

Power supply:
380V Three-phase electric
Total power consumption:
Annealing speed:
12 M/min
The furnace pipe diameter :
The aperture φ12mm
Design maximum temperature :
Heating rate :
Gas maximum gas:
2M    /hour
Temperature control mode :
Automatic temperature controller control
The temperature control accuracy :
Control system :
PLC automatic control heating, constant temperature, cooling, automatic protection device
Frame material structure :
Carbon steel welding
Overall size
Equipment weight

设备简介 Introduction:

Meanwhile, the continuous bright annealing of the four lines can be carried out, and the surface of the product after treatment is clean, not oxidized, not decarburized. The production efficiency is high,
Low energy consumption, less pollution, convenient operation. (can be customized to increase the number of annealing pipes)